App Store Optimization – How to Optimize your ASO

In this Go To guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) you will understand what it is and how you can use ASO tools to reach and download your app’s potential.

If you are an app developer, you probably went through the following:

Endless hours of wondering and finally visualizing a “must have” app idea. Your mind wanders and you visualize this amazing idea and want to put it into play. You picture your app being featured in the app store which is great and easy to do, right?  So, at this point you start preparing your ideas and wonder how to start because this app vision is a definite must have.

You finally start developing this incredible app you have visualized and as excited as you are about the outcome, you keep visualizing the potential this incredible app has. Sleepless nights and loads of caffeine later your app is finally finished and submitted to the app store. You anxiously await the millions of downloads you visualized only to realize your app isn’t as amazing as you first visualized it to be. You slowly see your incredible app plunge to its death.

You’re desperate, constantly checking the top charts with the hopes that your app has resuscitated to the top position only to be disappointed once again.  You wonder why only top level studios are on top, could it be the millions of dollars spent in marketing? How can a small timer like myself possibly compete?

Well, you must first learn what that large bully company is selling, how they’re marketing, and what tools you can use from that to market and make your app as successful. See, they might spend millions of dollars in marketing, but what is it that makes them so popular? This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) makes its grand entrance.


It is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app through any mobile device in any app store by using popular keywords and phrases.

The whole purpose of ASO is to have potential downloaders find your app when they are searching through the app store. Most people find new apps through the app store charts and return searches. Quite honestly, ASO is the most effective and less expensive way to get more people to download your app.

Apps in the app store are ranked based on the following:

Dowloads: The more the app has been downloaded the better the rank.

Ratings and Reviews: Goes without saying the more positive (5 star) ratings and reviews you get, the better the rank.

Keyword Usage: Keywords, description, and keyword tags give your app a better chance for searches which leads to better ranking.

Usage: The more time spent on your app, means that it is intriguing. It is considered high quality and will rank higher in the app store.


You may want to initiate the process of keyword research before you start the app idea, even though it doesn’t matter which stage of the app development you’re on. ASO starts with keyword research. It doesn’t matter if you are looking up an app idea or if you already have an active app created. When you research keywords you will unveil the perfect result and get more and more downloads and potential income. The goal is to find the perfect keywords based on relevance to what app you have, trending keywords or phrases, and of course uniqueness.

If you search online, there are plenty of App Search Optimization tools available. This process can be annoying, but with an open mind and creativity it can be and easy process. Besides, it is the starting point to any ASO strategy you come up with.


Does app title matter?

  • Of course it does! It doesn’t matter what you name your app as long it provides the most important element to optimize ASO.

Limited Characters in your title:

  • There isn’t much character space. Be aware of the character limits in each app store when creating your app title. For example: Google play is 30 characters and Apple Store is 255 with a visibility of only 25 characters.

Field Description:

  • The description field is where you describe what your app is about. It’s a summary of app features and where you should sell your app. The description field can be the make or break of your app. While working on your app try to add in some targeted key words to make the best impact. Make the words simple and to the point. Nobody cares too much about the long words (besides this is not science).

Limited Characters in the description:

  • Unfortunately, the app description should also be limited. For example: Google play & iOS store limit is 4,000 characters each.

Tagged iOS keywords:

  • A featured field in the iOS app store is the keyword field. In this field you can add top keywords to captivate your audience. Here are a few tips: 100 character limit, separate each keyword with commas, DO NOT use spacing, no repeating keywords that are in your app title. Let’s use an example: If your app is called “Space Aliens: The invasion never ends” a keyword field may contain: invade,intruders,galaxy,people,fight,fun,combat,outerspace,battle,save,war.

Selecting a category:

  • Make sure you chose the correct category, I cannot emphasize this enough. Do not put your app in just any category. If there is a detailed, less used, and more appropriate category available, use it. Using the appropriate category can have a major impact on your app being acknowledged. Think about what market you are trying to market when selecting a category but also try to find a category that has less competition and more relevance.


  • Your icon is the first impression made of your app. Your app icon design is the definition of your app. If it is a catchy icon you will have a user clicking throughout the app. Always consider an outsourcing professional graphic designer to professionally design your app icon and make it stand out above the rest. Uniqueness stands out above the rest. If you see all the competition with the same color scheme and graphically similar, be different! Use a color scheme that looks catchy not tacky. Use a unique design to separate yourself from your competitors. This is 2017, please try to use modern designs that are trending. Once again, RESEARCH! See what people are interested in and implement that on your icon. Also, please make sure the icon is visible and looks great in all sizes. If your icon looks blurry and old, you will never get anywhere. You will remain like your icon blurry and outdated.

Still Pics & Screenshots:

  • Screenshots should be the promotional images of your app. The screenshots are your direct marketing for your product and lets the customer see the amazing features your app should offer. Like the app icon, the screenshots should be well taken and designed. If you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself find a professional outsource. Your screenshots and still images should tell a story of your app. Walk a potential customer through what you’re selling and have them visualize what they can get out of your app. In google play, promo video is allowed. A picture can explain in detail what you must sell but a video is worth so much more, so don’t waste the opportunity to submit a video to promote yourself.


  • The internet is such a broad and amazing place that it is everywhere. Location is key when it comes to an app. So why not expand to other countries other than your own. How cool does it sound knowing somebody in another country is using your app? I think that is a fantastic idea! Expand your horizons and broaden your localization. If you can translate your app to a variety of languages and you will see more of those amazing results you expected to begin with. Now, how does it feel to be internationally known? Try creating in multiple languages, if you aren’t fluent in other languages, use a translation service.

What is Off Page App Optimization?

Reviewing and Rating your app:

  • User reviews are quite important when it comes to app ranking in the app stores. An app developer doesn’t have control over the ratings and reviews the app receives. However, an app developer can do a few things to maintain positive reviews and lower negative reviews:
    • Make the app user friendly.
    • Have a contact support within the app for users to solve technical issues and reply to the consumer and advise them when the technical issue has been resolved.
    • Solicit app reviews within emails, social media, the app website, and the app itself.
    • Correct all issues in a timely matter.

Network for App Reviews:

  • Before you launch your app, you should contact app industry websites to review your app. It doesn’t hurt to get constructive criticism when it comes to your app. A positive press review from a well-known app site is good for your upcoming app, and it can help get downloads because you are verified reputable. A few tips: I cannot emphasize this enough, BE UNIQUE! App reviewing websites get hundreds to thousands of emails per day. You want to be recognized, be different! Show them why they should review your app before everyone else’s.

News feeds and press releases:

  • Create a well written press release to get your app noticed by some of the top companies who review and support app development. You can send the press release directly to the website you are looking to be reviewed from. Blog and create your own personal approach when contacting a review site directly. Many journalists look through the press releases for stories.

Good ol’ Social Media:

  • Launch your social media site and promote it. Engage your audience that will download and promote the app. Use hashtags and trending wording for the app to get downloaded by a captivated audience. If you are not creative enough to come up with your own hashtag wording, you can outsource it. Here are some tips to follow: Do not use the same wording for all your social media accounts. Each social media has its own market and can make or break your app, if you are not careful.  In social media, you need to communicate not market. An audience would prefer you talk to them about the site as opposed to seeing an ad. This is your chance to captivate an audience as to why they should download your app as opposed to your competition. For better results, let the audience get to know you and be comfortable with you. Answer some of the questions they might have. You will be surprised how much people will download your app because they trust you.

App Store Optimization – How to Optimize your ASO

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App Store Optimization – How to Optimize your ASO In this Go To guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) you will understand what it is and how you can use ASO tools to reach and download your app’s potential. If you are an app developer, you probably went through the following: Endless hours of wondering…

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